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Canada Lens Rentals – Get The Shot

For the second time in our existence since 2008 we are sadly closing our doors. This time for good.
Insuring the safety of our stock when it is in the possession of a third party has become impossible.
The recent closure of our friends at LRC in Owen Sound and their experience with theft while in transit is an eye opener to the kind of World we live in.
It is no longer a sensible business model to be shipping gear worth thousands of dollars when there is no reasonable guarantee of its safety.
To “insure” just one expensive piece against loss with a national carrier, costs more that the fee you would pay for the rental.
…. and for those reasons…. i’m out.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us throughout the years.
Much of our gear has been sold off to folks that have been on a waiting list for over a year.
Any residual equipment will be advertised on our Facebook page.

Thanks again for being a part of our service.

Martin J. Galloway